9+ Best Tennis Apps [Ranked & Reviewed]

In the digital age, technology has brought convenience and efficiency to every aspect of our lives, including sports.

Tennis apps are one such innovation, designed to cater to tennis enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners alike.

These apps provide everything from score tracking to player meetups, to betting opportunities, and even personalized coaching.

The following article explores the world of tennis apps in detail.

Executive Summary – Tennis Apps

Here’s a list of popular tennis apps that can enhance your tennis experience:

  1. Tennis 24: Provides live scores, match results, and player statistics from various tennis tournaments worldwide.
  2. ATP/WTA Live: The official app of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). It offers live scores, news, rankings, and player profiles.
  3. Tennis Channel: Offers live streaming of tennis matches, highlights, news, and original programming. You can also access on-demand videos and player interviews.
  4. Tennis Trakker Pro: A comprehensive tennis tracking app that allows you to record and analyze your matches. It tracks stats like serve speed, shot placement, rally length, and provides detailed statistics to help improve your game.
  5. TennisPAL: Connects tennis players of all levels worldwide. You can find tennis partners, join local events, and book tennis courts through the app. It also provides coaching resources and tips.
  6. Coach’s Eye: An app for video analysis. You can record your tennis strokes, review them in slow motion, and compare them side-by-side with professional players. It’s a great tool for self-improvement and receiving feedback from coaches.
  7. Tennis Temple: Offers live scores, match statistics, and tournament information. You can also participate in discussions with other tennis fans in the app’s community.
  8. My Tennis Life: Created by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), this app provides news, rankings, tournament information, and a social platform to connect with fellow tennis enthusiasts.
  9. SwingVision: A video analysis app specifically designed for tennis. It allows you to record your strokes and compare them with a database of professional players. You can analyze your technique, track progress, and receive personalized tips.
  10. Tennis Point: A popular tennis equipment and apparel app. You can shop for tennis gear, find product reviews, and receive exclusive discounts.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more tennis apps available across different platforms.

Make sure to check your device’s app store for additional options and choose the ones that suit your needs and preferences.

Best Tennis Apps

In the vast arena of tennis apps, some stand out due to their features, user interface, and effectiveness.

Among them are the Tennis Point App, Tennis.com App, and the ITF Tennis App.

The Tennis Point App allows you to keep track of scores and stats, while the Tennis.com App provides you with the latest news, live scores, and even player interviews.

The ITF Tennis App, backed by the International Tennis Federation, provides the most comprehensive information about global tennis events.

Tennis Apps to Find Players

One of the key features of some tennis apps is their ability to connect players.

The Tennis Buddy App and the Tennis Meetup App are specifically designed to help you find local players or groups to play with, based on your skill level and availability.

Tennis Betting Apps

For those who enjoy combining the thrill of tennis with the excitement of betting, there are specialized apps like the Tennis Betting App and the Table Tennis Betting App.

These apps offer live updates, betting odds, and tips to help users make informed bets.

Best Tennis Apps for Apple Watch

For Apple Watch users, there are specific apps designed to take advantage of the device’s capabilities.

The Tennis Plus App and the Tennis App Free are highly recommended due to their live tracking and scoring features, making them convenient for on-the-go updates.

Tennis Apps for Different Devices

Apart from Apple Watch, tennis apps are available for a range of devices.

Tennis Channel App Samsung TV and Tennis Channel App Roku are designed for smart TVs, allowing viewers to watch live matches and tennis-related content.

For iPhone and iPad users, the Tennis App for iPhone and Tennis App for iPad offer a variety of features including score tracking, player statistics, and match schedules.

Tennis Games

When it comes to digital tennis games, the 2 Player Tennis Games and the 3 Player Tennis Games are quite popular.

These games provide realistic tennis gameplay, with the added ability to play with friends or other players online.

The Tennis Clash App is another popular tennis game app known for its thrilling gameplay and graphics.

Additional Tennis Apps

A few other noteworthy tennis apps include the Tennis Dating App, designed for tennis-loving singles to connect, and the Tennis Court App, which assists in finding and booking tennis courts nearby.

The Tennis Tension App helps players maintain their racket string tension for optimal performance.

Tennis and Beyond

In the world of tennis apps, the possibilities extend beyond just the sport.

The ‘6 App’ provides features that range across multiple sports including tennis, while ‘2 Apps at Once’ allows users to multitask, including tracking a tennis match while doing other tasks.

Tennis apps have indeed transformed how fans, players, and enthusiasts engage with the sport.

From tracking the tennis 8 game pro set to keeping an eye on tennis players from the 70s, these apps provide a comprehensive and convenient way to enjoy the sport.

Whether you are keen on finding out how many tennis games are in a match, looking for tennis rules, or even figuring out what tennis player you are similar to, there is an app out there for you.

And if you are wondering where tennis originated, there’s an app for that too!


In conclusion, tennis apps have revolutionized the sport, allowing fans and players alike to deepen their involvement and enjoyment of the game.

With a variety of applications ranging from score tracking, player meetups, games, and betting opportunities, these apps cater to every aspect of tennis.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, a professional, or just a fan of the sport, there is a tennis app out there for you.

FAQ on Tennis Apps

1. What are tennis apps?

Tennis apps are mobile applications that provide various features related to the sport of tennis.

These can include tracking scores, finding nearby players or courts, coaching and skill improvement, live match updates, and many more.

2. What are some of the best tennis apps available?

Some of the best tennis apps include Tennis Point, Tennis 24, Tennis Buddy, and Tennis Channel App.

Each has its unique features, but all provide a comprehensive platform for tennis enthusiasts.

3. Are there any good tennis betting apps?

Yes, several betting apps focus specifically on tennis. These include Bet365, William Hill, and Unibet.

They offer live betting options and odds on major tennis tournaments worldwide.

4. How does tennis scoring work and why is it unique?

Tennis scoring is unique because it doesn’t follow a linear scoring pattern. I

nstead, the point system is 15 (first point), 30 (second point), 40 (third point), and the game (fourth point).

If both players reach 40, it’s called a deuce, and they must win by two points.

This scoring system originated from the clock face metaphor brought by the French.

5. Why is 0 referred to as ‘love’ in tennis?

The term ‘love’ in tennis comes from the French word for ‘egg’ (l’oeuf) because an egg’s shape resembles the number 0.

This term got anglicized to ‘love.’

6. What is Tennis 8 game pro set?

An 8-game pro set is a type of match format in tennis.

The first player to win 8 games wins the match.

However, if the game reaches 7-7, a tie-break is played.

7. Are there tennis apps where I can find other players?

Yes, there are several apps like Tennis Buddy and Tennis Meetup where you can connect with other tennis players in your area.

8. Can I watch tennis matches on my Samsung TV or Roku using the Tennis Channel App?

Yes, the Tennis Channel App is available on various platforms, including Samsung Smart TV and Roku.

It allows you to stream live matches, catch highlights, and access tennis-related news.

9. Are there any tennis apps compatible with Apple Watch?

Apps like Swing Tennis Tracker and Tennis Point are compatible with Apple Watch.

These apps can help track your swing, serve speed, and provide other match statistics.

10. What’s a good app for tracking my progress as a tennis player?

The Tennis Player App and the Tennis Plus App can track your progress, provide insights on your gameplay, and even offer coaching tips.

11. Can I book a tennis court through an app?

Yes, apps like Tennis Court App allow you to find and book tennis courts near you.

12. Are there free tennis apps for Android and iOS?

Many free tennis apps cater to both Android and iOS users, such as Tennis Point, Tennis 24, Tennis Buddy, and ITF Tennis App.

13. Are there tennis apps that can chart my game?

Yes, Tennis Charting App is designed to help players track their performance over time, charting out wins, losses, and specific areas of gameplay.

14. What are the rules of tennis?

There are many rules to the game of tennis. However, key rules include the scoring system, serving rules, fault rules, and guidelines for in and out of bounds.

The ITF Tennis App provides a detailed rulebook.

15. Can I find 2 or 3 player tennis games on an app?

Yes, there are many apps that provide multi-player tennis games such as Tennis Clash, Virtua Tennis Challenge, and Stick Tennis.

These apps allow you to play against friends or other players in real-time matches, providing an interactive and competitive tennis experience.

16. How to understand scoring in tennis apps?

Before diving into the specifics of the various apps, it’s important to understand the uniqueness of tennis scoring, which has a unique system that deviates from the standard incrementation seen in most other sports.

The points progress from love (or 0 in tennis) to 15, 30, and finally 40.

Understanding the scoring system makes it easier to use the tennis apps, especially those related to betting and score tracking.

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