What Does Love Mean in Tennis? [Love-Love, Love-All]

Tennis, like any sport, has its own unique lexicon, and one term that often perplexes the uninitiated is “love.”

The term “love” in tennis is not related to the emotion of deep affection but has a specific meaning within the sport’s scoring system.

“Love” in tennis equates to zero or no points.

It’s a term that’s embedded in the scoring language of the sport, and while it may seem odd at first, it becomes second nature to tennis players and enthusiasts over time.

What Does Love Mean in Tennis?

In tennis, “love” means zero or no points. If a player has not yet scored during a game, their score is referred to as “love.”

This term is commonly heard in phrases like “15-love” or “30-love,” which means one player has 15 or 30 points, while their opponent has none.

Why Do They Say Love in Tennis?

The etymology of “love” in tennis is unclear, but there are several theories.

The most common belief is that it originates from the French term “l’oeuf,” which means “the egg,” symbolizing the shape of a zero.

The term was likely anglicized to “love” over time.

How Many Points Does Love Mean in Tennis?

As previously mentioned, “love” means zero points in tennis. In the standard tennis scoring system, points progress from love (zero) to 15, then 30, then 40.

If both players are at zero, the score would be described as “love-love” or “love-all.”

What Love Means in Tennis Scores

In tennis scores, “love” indicates that a player has not scored any points in the current game.

For instance, “15-love” means that the server has scored one point (15), while their opponent has scored none (love).

Similarly, “30-love” signifies that the server has two points (30), and their opponent has none (love).

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What Does 15 Love, 30 Love, and 40 Love Mean in Tennis?

In tennis scoring, “15-love” signifies that the server has scored one point, and the opponent has none.

“30-love” means the server has two points, while their opponent has none.

Finally, “40-love” indicates that the server is just one point away from winning the game, assuming they are playing under standard scoring rules and there is a two-point difference.

What Does Love All Mean in Tennis?

In tennis terminology, “love all” is another way of saying that the score is zero-zero at the start of a game.

Both players start with zero points, hence “love all.”

What Does One Love Mean in Tennis?

“One love” in tennis indicates that one player or team has won a set while their opponent has won none.

In this context, “one” refers to a set rather than a point.

What Does Love 40 Mean in Tennis?

“Love-40” in tennis means that the server has no points (love) and the opponent has three points (40).

This score indicates that the opponent is one point away from winning the game.

What Does Love Love Mean in Tennis?

“Love-love,” or “love all,” is a tennis term used at the beginning of each game to denote that both players have zero points.

It’s the starting point of every tennis game under standard scoring rules.


The term “love” in tennis is a fundamental part of the game’s scoring system.

It might seem complex for beginners, but understanding its meaning and context will help in decoding the intricate language of tennis, enhancing your appreciation of this globally loved sport.

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