Why Did Victor Blom (isildur1) Disappear from Poker?

Victor Blom, famously known as “Isildur1,” is a Swedish professional poker player who gained massive attention in the late 2000s for his high-stakes games on various online platforms.

His rise to fame was meteoric, marked by high-profile matches against some of the world’s best players like Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, and Patrik Antonius, and his aggressive playing style made him a fan favorite.

However, Blom’s visibility in the poker world has fluctuated over the years, leading to periods where he seems to disappear from the public eye.

Several factors can contribute to a poker player like Blom appearing to “disappear” from the scene:

Shifts in Focus

Poker players sometimes shift their focus away from the public arenas of online and televised poker to private games, which are less visible to the general audience but can be equally or more lucrative.

Some pursue other lines of work or pursue different business interests.

While doing well in poker can provide a great living there are many opportunities outside the game.

Bankroll Management

The high-stakes nature of the games Blom played involves significant variance, which can necessitate breaks from high-profile play for bankroll management reasons.

Blom was known to have large drawdowns with his style of play.

Personal Reasons

Like anyone, professional poker players may take breaks for personal reasons, including burnout, health issues, or to focus on other areas of their life outside of poker.

Changing Platforms

The landscape of online poker has evolved, with changes in legislation, site preferences, and the rise of new platforms.

Players might move to different sites or platforms that are less visible or have a different player base.

Strategic Retreat

Sometimes, stepping back from the public eye can be a strategic move, allowing players to refine their skills away from the scrutiny of the public and their peers.

The Rise of GTO

Blom played his own high-variance style. He relied a lot on intuition and wasn’t a “game theory optimal” type of player.

That meant the strength of his intuition and processing speed became less important over time as more mathematical ways of playing the game were considered more accurate.

Blom was also not known as a big studier of the game.

Where Did Victor Blom Get His Bankroll to Challenge the World’s Top Poker Players?

Blom built his initial bankroll by starting with modest amounts and rapidly moving up the stakes.

His aggressive and fearless playing style allowed him to accumulate significant winnings quickly, which he then used to challenge some of the world’s top poker players at high stakes, dramatically increasing his visibility and reputation in the poker community.


Specific details about why Victor Blom might have been less visible in the poker world at certain times are not widely documented.

Players like Blom, who have a significant impact on the poker world, often maintain a level of privacy about their personal and professional strategies, making it hard to pinpoint one exact reason for these perceived disappearances.

For the most current information, checking the latest poker news sites or Blom’s own public statements would be the best approach.

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