How Much Is a Tennis Racket? [Price, Features, Quality]

When it comes to tennis, one of the key considerations for any player, from beginners to professionals, is the cost of a tennis racket.

Tennis rackets vary significantly in price, features, and quality.

Here we look at the many aspects involved in understanding the cost and value of a tennis racket.

The Cost of a Tennis Racket

The price range for a tennis racket is quite wide, from as little as $25 for a basic beginner’s model to over $200 for professional-grade equipment.

The cost depends on many factors such as the materials used, the brand, and the specific features of the racket.

The Cost of Beginner and Intermediate Tennis Rackets

For beginners, a basic racket that provides decent playability and durability can range from $25 to $75.

As players progress and seek more specialized rackets, intermediate rackets may cost between $75 and $125.

The Cost of Professional Tennis Rackets

Professional rackets, also known as performance rackets, are at the high end of the price spectrum.

These rackets typically range from $125 up to $250, with some premium models going even higher.

These rackets are made of high-quality materials and are designed for optimal performance and precision.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Tennis Rackets

Materials Used in Construction

One of the main factors influencing the price of a tennis racket is the material it’s made of.

Entry-level rackets are typically made of aluminum or other cheaper materials, while intermediate and professional-grade rackets are usually made of graphite or carbon fiber, which are lighter and offer better power and control.

Brands and Models

The brand and model of the racket also play a significant role in the cost.

High-profile brands like Wilson, Babolat, and Head usually command higher prices due to their reputation for quality and the technology they incorporate into their rackets.

Additional Costs: Stringing and Maintenance

The cost of a tennis racket is not limited to the initial purchase.

Regular maintenance, including restringing, is an essential part of owning a racket.

Depending on the type of string used and where you get it restrung, this service can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per restringing.

How to Choose the Right Tennis Racket

Choosing the right tennis racket involves considering factors like the player’s skill level, the racket’s weight, size, and the material it’s made from.

Size and Weight

A player’s size and physical strength will greatly determine the appropriate racket size and weight.

Adult rackets generally weigh between 9 and 12 ounces and have a grip size that ranges from 4 to 4 5/8 inches.

Number of Rackets

As for how many rackets a player should have, it’s usually good to have at least two identical rackets.

Professionals often carry multiple rackets to matches in case one breaks or needs restringing during play.

How to Choose a Tennis Racket – HEAD

Tennis Racket Accessories and Extras

Overgrips and Dampeners

Overgrips are additional grips that go over the original grip of your racket, providing extra comfort and control.

They usually cost a few dollars each.

Dampeners are small rubber pieces that fit on the strings to reduce vibration and the ‘ping’ sound when the ball hits the racket. They are typically inexpensive, costing around $5 to $10.

Building a Paddle Tennis Court

As a side note, if you’re considering building a paddle tennis court, this can be quite a significant investment.

Costs vary widely depending on the location, materials used, and whether lighting or fencing is included, but it can easily range from $10,000 to $25,000 or more.


The cost of a tennis racket can vary greatly depending on the skill level of the player, the material and brand of the racket, and any additional accessories or services needed.

Regardless of your budget, there is likely a racket out there that fits your needs and helps you enjoy the game of tennis.

FAQs – How Much Is a Tennis Racket?

1. What is the average cost of a tennis racket?

The price of a tennis racket can vary widely depending on the brand, type, and level of play.

On average, the cost can range from $25 for a beginner’s racket to over $200 for professional-grade rackets.

Premium rackets used by professional players can exceed $300.

2. Why is there such a large price range for tennis rackets?

The price range is a reflection of the diverse qualities and features of different rackets.

Racket cost factors include materials used, brand reputation, advanced technology incorporated into the design, weight distribution, size, and string patterns.

More expensive rackets often promise improved power, control, durability, and performance on the court.

3. Does a more expensive racket necessarily mean a better game?

Not necessarily. The effectiveness of a tennis racket largely depends on the player’s skill level, style of play, and physical capabilities.

A beginner may not benefit much from an expensive, professional-grade racket and could find it harder to use due to its weight and balance.

4. What type of tennis racket should a beginner buy?

A beginner should start with a racket that offers a good balance of power and control.

Rackets with larger heads are generally more forgiving on off-center hits and provide more power, making them suitable for beginners.

The cost of beginner-friendly rackets generally ranges from $25 to $100.

5. What is the cost of a kid’s tennis racket?

Kids’ tennis rackets are usually priced lower than adult rackets due to their smaller size and less complex manufacturing process.

The average price range for kid’s rackets is between $20 and $75.

6. Do professional players use the same rackets available in stores?

Professional players usually use a custom version of the rackets available in stores.

These rackets are tailored to their specific style of play, weight preferences, balance points, and other personal preferences.

The retail versions of these rackets can be similar but are generally mass-produced and standardized.

7. Does the cost of a tennis racket include the strings?

Most new tennis rackets come pre-strung and the cost includes the price of the strings.

However, keep in mind that the quality of these strings might not be the best and serious players often choose to restring their rackets with their preferred type of string, which is an additional cost.

8. How often do I need to restring my tennis racket and how much does it cost?

The frequency of restringing a tennis racket depends on how often you play.

A common rule is to restring as many times a year as you play in a week.

The cost of restringing can vary from $10 to $50, depending on the type of string you choose and where you get it done.

9. Is there a significant difference in price between well-known brands and lesser-known brands?

Well-known brands like Wilson, Babolat, and Head often price their rackets higher due to their reputation, quality, and the technology they incorporate into their designs.

Lesser-known brands may offer more affordable options.

It’s important to try out different rackets to find out what suits your game best, regardless of the brand.

10. Are there any hidden costs associated with buying a tennis racket?

Besides the upfront cost of the racket itself and potentially restringing it, consider costs for maintenance, such as replacing the grip tape when it wears down, and protective gear like a racket case or bag.

Remember also that rackets may need to be replaced if they become damaged or as you progress in your skills and require a better racket.


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