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Soccer Roster Construction (Checklist & Ultimate Guide)

Building a world-class soccer roster capable of winning the Champions League or World Cup requires a carefully constructed mix of talent, skill sets, and complementary roles across all positions.

Here’s a template of what a soccer manager would look for in each position to construct an elite, trophy-winning team:


  • Excellent shot-stopping ability and reflexes
  • Commanding presence in the box and strong aerial ability
  • Distribution skills to launch counter-attacks quickly
  • Positional awareness and decision-making under pressure
  • Leadership qualities to organize the defense

Center Backs

  • Physically imposing defenders with strength and aerial prowess
  • Ability to mark opponents tightly and win individual battles
  • Comfortable on the ball and able to play out from the back
  • Tactical awareness and positional discipline
  • At least one ball-playing center-back to start attacks


  • Pace and stamina to get up and down the flanks
  • Attacking threat through overlapping runs and crossing ability
  • Defensive solidity in 1v1 situations and tracking runners
  • Tactically versatile to play different systems (flat back four, wing-backs)

Defensive Midfielders

  • Disciplined positional sense and ability to shield the back line
  • Strong tacklers who can win the ball and break up opposition attacks
  • Composure on the ball and distribution skills to transition play
  • At least one ball-winner and one deep-lying playmaker

Box-to-Box Midfielders

  • Engine and stamina to cover every blade of grass
  • Goal-scoring threat from midfield with late runs into the box
  • Creativity and vision to link defense and attack
  • Tactical intelligence to maintain shape and balance


  • Blistering pace and exceptional dribbling ability
  • Creativity to unlock defenses and provide goal-scoring chances
  • Workrate to constantly make runs in behind and track back
  • Goal threat from cutting inside or pulling wide to cross


  • Clinical finishers with composure in front of goal
  • Intelligent movement to find spaces and stretch defenses
  • Link-up play and ability to bring others into the game
  • Aerial threat and physical presence to hold the ball up

Substitutes/Squad Players

  • Players able to make an impact off the bench in any role
  • Tactical discipline to follow game plans and instructions
  • Versatility to fill in at multiple positions if needed
  • Hunger and team-first mentality to contribute however required

Roster Construction Based on Various Playing Styles

The specific player profiles and skillsets required can differ based on the tactical system and style of play a soccer manager wants to implement.

Here’s how the player needs may vary across different styles:

Possession-Based Style

  • More emphasis on technical ability, composure on the ball for all positions
  • Central midfielders need excellent passing range and vision to dictate tempo
  • Center-backs must be exceptional ball-players to build from the back
  • Wingers may need to be more creative than direct as they’ll see less space to run into
  • A false 9 striker who can drop in and link play could be deployed

Counter-Attacking Style

  • Pace and directness in attack is paramount
  • Wingers need exceptional dribbling ability to carry the ball forward quickly
  • Strikers must make sharp runs in behind and stretch defenses
  • Fullbacks provide attacking width and need quality delivery from wide areas
  • Defensive midfielders need discipline to protect the back four during transitions

High Pressing Style

  • Intense work rate and pressing ability across all positions
  • Attackers must have energy to constantly close down and disrupt build-up
  • Midfielders need tackles, anticipation to win the ball high up the pitch
  • Center-backs may need more pace to cover in behind the high defensive line
  • Striker leads the press from the front, so relentless running is required

Direct, Physical Style

  • Aerial prowess, physicality, and size become more valuable
  • Target striker to hold up and bring others into play
  • Powerful, aggressive center-backs to defend the aerial bombardment
  • Crossing ability from wingers/fullbacks to supply the box
  • Central midfielders need bite in the tackle and strength to outmuscle opponents

So while the core technical/tactical attributes are important across any style, the specific emphasis and details of what a manager needs can shift based on the tactical system and philosophy they want to implement on the pitch.

Astute roster construction must account for these stylistic nuances.


This template covers the combination of technical, tactical, physical, and mental attributes needed across all positions to build a truly formidable squad capable of winning at the highest levels of club and international soccer.

World-class talent combined with tactical cohesion, mental toughness, squad depth, and a winning mentality are the key ingredients for champions.


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