How to Read Tennis Scores [Easy Guide]

Understanding how to read tennis scores is essential to enjoying and following the sport, whether you’re watching it live, on TV, or participating in online betting.

The unique scoring system in tennis can seem confusing initially, but with a bit of guidance, it becomes quite straightforward.

This article will provide you with a complete guide on how to understand tennis scores, read a tennis scoreboard, and interpret scores on various platforms like ESPN, FanDuel, or even on a tennis scorecard.

How to Understand Tennis Scoring

Tennis follows a distinct scoring system that might seem unusual to new watchers or players.

A match is divided into sets, and sets are divided into games.

The player who first wins six games, leading by at least two games, wins the set.

A match typically consists of best of three or five sets.

For individual games, scores progress in a sequence of 0 (also referred to as “love”), 15, 30, and 40.

If both players reach 40, it’s referred to as a “deuce,” after which the player needs to win two consecutive points to win the game.

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Tennis Score Numbers

The unique way of expressing scores in tennis can make it appear more complex than it is.

Here’s a breakdown of what the numbers mean in a tennis score:

  • 0 points: Love
  • 1 point: 15
  • 2 points: 30
  • 3 points: 40

If the game is tied at 40 points each, this is called a “deuce.”

Any point scored after reaching deuce is referred to as “advantage.”

If the player with the advantage wins the next point, they win the game.

If they lose, the score reverts back to deuce.

How to Read a Tennis Score

Now that you understand the scoring structure in tennis, let’s move on to how to read a tennis score.

The score of the server is always announced first. For instance, if the server has 30 and the receiver has 15, the score will be read as “30-15.”

In match scoring, if the server has won 2 sets and the opponent 1, the score might read “2-1.”

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How to Read a Tennis Scoreboard

Reading a tennis scoreboard is simply an extension of understanding the scoring system.

The scoreboard usually displays the player’s names and the number of sets won.

Beneath each set number, you’ll find the scores of each game.

Reading from left to right, you can follow the progression of the match.

How to Read Tennis Scores on TV

Television networks like ESPN display tennis scores in a specific manner.

Usually, the player’s names will be on the left side of the screen, with the server’s name often at the top.

The sets are displayed in columns next to the players’ names. The current game score will usually be shown in a separate box or in the same column as the current set.

Reading Tennis Scores on FanDuel and Betting Sites

On sports betting sites like FanDuel, understanding the tennis scores is crucial.

Typically, the score format is similar to a traditional scoreboard.

However, betting sites may also show odds related to the score, like the likelihood of a player winning the next point, game, or set.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the site’s layout to easily follow along and make informed betting decisions.

How to Read a Tennis Scorecard

A tennis scorecard is a physical or digital document used to track the score of a tennis match.

It includes the names of the players, the sets, and the games within each set. To read it, you start from the top and go down to track the progress of the match.

How to Understand Scoring in Tennis: Concluding Thoughts

Understanding how to read tennis scores can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the sport.

It might take a bit of time to get used to the unique terminology and structure, but once you’ve grasped it, you’ll be able to follow along with ease, whether you’re watching a match live, on TV, or placing a bet online.

FAQs – How to Read Tennis Scores

1. What is the basic format of a tennis score?

In tennis, a match is divided into sets, and sets into games.

A player must win at least 6 games to win a set.

The score of each game is typically shown as a combination of numbers and words: 0 (also called ‘Love’), 15, 30, 40, Game.

If the game score reaches 40-40, it’s known as “deuce,” and players must win by two points.

The winner of a game is the first player to reach 4 points with a margin of at least 2 points.

2. How do I read a tennis score on TV?

Tennis scores on TV are typically presented with the server’s score first.

The scores are usually arranged in the order of sets won, and then games won in the current set.

For instance, if the score is 6-4, 3-2, it means that the server has won one set 6-4 and is leading the current set by 3 games to 2.

3. How do I read a tennis scoreboard?

A tennis scoreboard will typically display the names of the players on the top or sides.

It will then show the number of sets each player has won, and the number of games won in the current set.

Some scoreboards also display the points won in the current game.

4. How do I read tennis scores on platforms like FanDuel or ESPN?

Sports platforms like FanDuel or ESPN display tennis scores similarly to TV broadcasts.

The server’s score is typically presented first, and the set scores are listed in the order they were played.

They also display detailed statistics such as total points won, aces, double faults, break points won, etc.

5. How do I read tennis scores when betting?

In tennis betting, understanding scores is crucial as different bets may depend on the number of sets, games, or even points a player wins.

Scores are read in the same way as general tennis scoring, but you may also need to understand concepts like handicaps or over/under bets.

6. How do I read tennis score numbers?

Tennis score numbers are read from left to right, indicating the sets won by each player and then the number of games in the current set.

For instance, a score of 6-3, 4-5 means the server has won the first set 6-3 and is trailing 4-5 in the second set.

7. How do I read a tennis box score?

A tennis box score provides a detailed breakdown of the match.

It includes the scores of each set, as well as statistics like aces, double faults, first serve percentage, break points won, total points won, and more.

8. How do I read a tennis scorecard?

A tennis scorecard is a physical or digital record of the match scores.

Each row typically represents a set, with individual game scores marked in the boxes. Some scorecards also have sections to record detailed statistics.

9. How do I understand scoring in tennis?

Understanding tennis scoring requires knowledge of the terms and rules used.

A match is made up of sets, which are made up of games, which are made up of points.

The first player to win at least 6 games with a lead of 2 games wins a set. The first player to win a certain number of sets (usually 2 or 3) wins the match.

10. How do I tell the score in tennis?

In tennis, the server always states their score first, whether it’s for the game, set, or match.

So if the server has 30 and the returner has 15, the score is stated as 30-15.

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