Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Every Game?

When watching an NBA game, it’s hard not to notice the flashy and stylish sneakers worn by the players.

These shoes have become an integral part of the basketball culture, with players often endorsing and releasing their own signature shoe lines.

However, one question that often arises is whether NBA players wear new shoes every game.

Some NBA players wear new shoes every game, as they receive a steady supply from sponsors and prefer fresh pairs for optimal performance and comfort.

However, most do not wear a new pair for every game.

Below we look into this topic and explore the practices and reasons behind the footwear choices of NBA players.

The Importance of Footwear in Basketball

Before we dive into the question at hand, it’s crucial to understand the significance of footwear in basketball.

The right pair of shoes can greatly impact a player’s performance on the court.

Basketball involves quick movements, jumps, and sudden changes in direction, all of which put immense stress on the feet and ankles.

Therefore, players require shoes that provide adequate support, cushioning, stability, and traction to prevent injuries and enhance their performance.

Factors Influencing Shoe Selection

When it comes to choosing their footwear, NBA players consider several factors.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key factors that influence their shoe selection:


Comfort is of utmost importance to NBA players.

They spend long hours practicing and playing games, so they need shoes that feel comfortable on their feet.

Uncomfortable shoes can lead to distractions and hinder their performance on the court.


Performance is another crucial factor that influences shoe selection.

Players need shoes that allow them to move quickly, make sharp cuts, and provide optimal traction on the court.

Different players have different playing styles, so they may prefer shoes with specific features that cater to their individual needs.

Injury Prevention

Preventing injuries is a top priority for NBA players.

The right pair of shoes can provide the necessary support and stability to minimize the risk of ankle sprains and other foot-related injuries.

Some players may have a history of ankle injuries, so they may opt for shoes with additional ankle support.

Brand Endorsements

Brand endorsements play a significant role in the shoe choices of NBA players.

Many players have lucrative endorsement deals with major shoe brands, and they are often seen wearing the latest models from their endorsed brands.

These endorsement deals not only provide financial benefits but also contribute to a player’s image and marketability.

Shoe Usage Patterns

Now that we understand the factors influencing shoe selection, let’s explore the usage patterns of NBA players when it comes to wearing new shoes:

Multiple Pairs

NBA players typically have multiple pairs of shoes at their disposal.

They often rotate between different pairs throughout the season.

This rotation allows them to give their shoes a break, preventing excessive wear and tear.

It also gives them the opportunity to wear different models and experiment with various features.

Pre-Game Rituals

Many NBA players have pre-game rituals that involve changing into a fresh pair of shoes before each game.

These rituals can be personal superstitions or simply a way to mentally prepare for the game.

Changing into new shoes can give players a psychological boost and help them feel more confident on the court.

Shoe Maintenance

NBA players have access to professional equipment managers who take care of their shoes.

These equipment managers ensure that the shoes are cleaned, repaired, and maintained in optimal condition.

This maintenance helps extend the lifespan of the shoes, allowing players to wear them for a longer period.

Q&A – Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Every Game?

1. Do NBA players wear the same pair of shoes for every game?

No, NBA players typically have multiple pairs of shoes and often rotate between them throughout the season.

2. How often do NBA players change their shoes?

NBA players may change their shoes every few games or even before each game, depending on their personal preferences and rituals.

3. Do NBA players wear new shoes every game?

While some NBA players may wear new shoes every game, it is not a common practice.

Most players rotate between different pairs and change them based on factors like comfort and performance.

4. Why do NBA players change their shoes frequently?

NBA players change their shoes frequently to prevent excessive wear and tear, maintain optimal performance, and adhere to personal rituals or superstitions.

5. Do NBA players get free shoes?

Many NBA players have endorsement deals with shoe brands, which often provide them with free shoes as part of the contract.

6. How many pairs of shoes do NBA players own?

NBA players typically own a large number of shoes, with some estimates ranging from 50 to over 100 pairs.

7. Can NBA players wear any brand of shoes?

NBA players are allowed to wear shoes from any brand as long as they meet the league’s uniform guidelines.

8. Do NBA players wear customized shoes?

Yes, many NBA players wear customized shoes that feature personalized designs, colors, and details.

9. Are NBA players required to wear new shoes for endorsement purposes?

No, NBA players are not required to wear new shoes for endorsement purposes.

They have the freedom to choose which shoes they wear during games.

10. Do NBA players keep their game-worn shoes?

Many NBA players keep their game-worn shoes as mementos or for charitable purposes. Some players even auction off their shoes for charity.


In conclusion, NBA players do not necessarily wear new shoes every game.

They often have multiple pairs of shoes and rotate between them based on factors like comfort, performance, and personal rituals.

Shoe selection is crucial for players as it can impact their performance and help prevent injuries.

The usage patterns of NBA players vary, but changing shoes frequently and maintaining them in optimal condition are common practices.

Overall, the choice of footwear is a personal one for NBA players, influenced by factors such as comfort, performance, brand endorsements, and personal preferences.

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