Most Consecutive Games Played in MLB (Top 5)

The “most consecutive games played” leaderboard in MLB is a prestigious list showcasing the incredible durability and dedication of some of the sport’s greatest players.

Here’s a look at the top 5:

1. Cal Ripken Jr. (Baltimore Orioles): 2,632 games (1982-1998)

The undisputed king of ironmen, Ripken‘s record-setting streak spanned an astonishing 16 seasons and 17 years.

He played through thick and thin, defying fatigue and injuries to cement his place in baseball history.

2. Lou Gehrig (New York Yankees): 2,130 games (1925-1939)

Gehrig’s legendary streak stood for over 50 years before Ripken surpassed it.

Known as “The Iron Horse,” he epitomized toughness and consistency, playing every day for nearly 14 seasons.

3. Everett Scott (Boston Red Sox & New York Yankees): 1,307 games (1916-1925)

Often overshadowed by Gehrig and Ripken, Scott had a remarkable streak of his own, playing every game for 9 seasons before a mid-season trade interrupted it.

4. Steve Garvey (Los Angeles Dodgers & San Diego Padres): 1,207 games (1975-1983)

Holding the National League record, Garvey’s streak lasted nearly 8 seasons, showcasing his exceptional durability and leadership qualities.

5. Brooks Robinson (Baltimore Orioles): 1,232 games (1955-1965)

Another Orioles legend, Robinson’s streak spanned 10 seasons, solidifying his place as one of the game’s greatest defensive third basemen and a pillar of the Baltimore franchise.

It’s important to note that while these players top the leaderboard, several others have achieved impressive consecutive games played feats.

The dedication and commitment required to play every day for even a single season is testament to the remarkable athletes who grace the baseball field.

This list serves as a reminder of the physical and mental strength required to excel in Major League Baseball.

The “most consecutive games played” leaderboard is a tribute to the legends who pushed their limits and left an indelible mark on the sport.

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