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How to Play Against GTO Bots in Poker (Explained)

Playing against GTO bots in poker can be a challenging but rewarding experience.

Here are some GTO bots you can play against to enhance your poker skills:

1. GTO Wizard

  • Advanced training software with GTO-based drills and quizzes
  • Practice against a range of GTO bots in different game formats
  • Detailed hand analysis and feedback
  • Customizable training sessions to target specific areas

2. DTO Poker Trainer

  • Focuses on post-flop play in 6-max and heads-up no-limit hold’em
  • GTO-based training modules and hand simulations
  • Analyze your play against a GTO bot and receive feedback
  • Develop a deeper understanding of post-flop strategy

3. Pluribus

  • Groundbreaking AI bot developed by Carnegie Mellon University
  • Demonstrated proficiency in multi-player no-limit hold’em
  • Not publicly available for play, but its strategies have been analyzed and incorporated into training tools

4. SnapShove

  • Mobile app for practicing pre-flop shoving and calling ranges
  • GTO-based advice for various stack sizes and positions
  • Quick and convenient way to improve pre-flop decision-making

5. PokerSnowie

  • AI-based training software for various poker formats
  • Analyzes your play and suggests GTO-based improvements
  • Customizable training modules and challenges


  • Playing against GTO bots is a challenging but effective way to improve your poker skills.
  • Focus on understanding the bot’s strategies and identifying any exploitable leaks.
  • Adjust your play to capitalize on these weaknesses and make yourself less exploitable.
  • Be prepared to invest time and effort in the learning process.

Here are some ways you can approach it:

Understand the limitations of GTO bots

  • Exploitable vs. Unexploitable: While GTO bots are excellent for understanding fundamental optimal play, they can be “overly optimal” in certain situations. This means they may not exploit common human leaks like predictable betting patterns or exploitable ranges.
  • No reads or adaptation: Unlike human players, GTO bots don’t make reads or adapt based on your specific tendencies. This can be advantageous if you can identify and exploit specific “unnatural” betting patterns by the bot.

Improve your fundamental poker skills

  • Solid pre-flop strategy: A strong pre-flop foundation sets the stage for post-flop decision-making. Mastering opening ranges, 3-betting frequencies, and calling ranges against various positions is crucial.
  • Post-flop hand reading and analysis: Develop your ability to accurately read your opponent’s hand range based on betting patterns, board texture, and player tendencies. This is especially important against exploitable bots that may exhibit unrealistic betting frequencies.
  • Balanced play and mixed strategies: Avoid predictable betting patterns and incorporate mixed strategies (e.g., bluffing with some frequency) to make yourself less exploitable by the bot’s GTO algorithms.

Specific strategies against GTO bots

  • Exploit leaks: Analyze the bot’s play to identify any exploitable leaks, such as overly tight calling ranges, predictable bluffing tendencies, or unbalanced continuation betting. Once identified, adjust your strategy to capitalize on these weaknesses.
  • Unbalanced play as a temporary measure: While balanced play is generally optimal, temporarily employing unbalanced play (e.g., bluffing more often on specific board textures) can catch the bot off guard and potentially generate short-term profit. However, use this approach cautiously and be ready to adjust back to balanced play if the bot adapts.
  • Focus on marginal gains: Against a GTO bot, large wins will be rare. Focus on making small, consistent profit decisions by making better folds, value bets, and bluffs than the bot’s GTO strategy allows.

Additional resources:

Can You Play Against PioSolver?

PioSOLVER itself is not designed to play against directly.

It’s a poker analysis tool that helps you improve your own game by calculating Nash equilibrium strategies in various poker situations.

These strategies are mathematically optimal against an unknown opponent who is also playing optimally.

However, there are some ways you can use PioSOLVER to indirectly “play against” it:

  • Review the solutions generated by PioSOLVER: By studying the strategies that PioSOLVER calculates, you can learn how to exploit your opponents’ weaknesses and make yourself less exploitable. You can see the different bet sizings, calling ranges, and bluffing frequencies that PioSOLVER recommends in different situations.
  • Use PioSOLVER to test your own strategies: You can input your own hand ranges and betting actions into PioSOLVER and see how they fare against its GTO solutions. This can help you identify any leaks in your game and find ways to improve your play.
  • Use PioSOLVER-based training software: There are a number of training programs available that use PioSOLVER solutions to create hand simulations and quizzes. These programs can help you practice applying the concepts you learn from PioSOLVER in real-time game situations.

FAQs – How to Play Against GTO Bots in Poker

Understanding GTO Bots: What are the primary characteristics of GTO poker bots, and how do they differ from human players in terms of strategy and play style?

Game Theory Optimal (GTO) poker bots are designed to play a near-perfect game of poker based on mathematical models. Their primary characteristics include:

  • Optimal Strategy: GTO bots use strategies that are mathematically calculated to be unexploitable over the long run.
  • Consistency: Unlike humans, GTO bots maintain a consistent strategy, unaffected by emotions or fatigue.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: These bots make decisions based on a vast database of hand histories and calculated probabilities.

In contrast, human players are often influenced by psychological factors, have varying levels of skill and knowledge, and may employ strategies based on intuition or experience. Humans can adapt to opponents’ tendencies, exploit weaknesses, and use deception, elements that are less pronounced in GTO bots.

Exploiting Bot Weaknesses: Given that GTO bots are designed for optimal play, what are some common exploitable leaks in their strategies that a human player can take advantage of?

While GTO bots are designed for optimal play, they do have certain limitations that can be exploited:

  • Predictability: Some bots may exhibit predictable patterns in certain situations, such as always betting a certain amount with a specific range of hands.
  • Lack of Adaptation: GTO bots do not adapt to individual player tendencies, meaning a player can adjust their play to exploit the bot’s static strategy.
  • Over-Optimization: In trying to be unexploitable, a bot might not exploit a human player’s mistakes as aggressively as another human might.

Adapting to GTO Play: How can players adjust their strategy when playing against a GTO bot, especially in terms of bet sizing, bluffing frequencies, and calling ranges?

Players should consider the following adjustments:

  • Mixed Strategies: Use a mix of strategies, including bluffing at optimal frequencies, to avoid being predictable.
  • Calculated Aggression: Adjust bet sizing to exploit the bot’s tendencies. For instance, if the bot tends to fold too often to big bets, use larger bet sizes when bluffing.
  • Range Balancing: Keep a balanced range of hands when calling or raising to make it harder for the bot to exploit your play.

Learning from GTO Bots: In what ways can playing against GTO bots, like Action Flop or GTO Wizard, help improve a player’s overall poker skills?

Playing against GTO bots helps in:

  • Understanding Optimal Play: It provides insight into how optimal strategies are constructed.
  • Identifying Weaknesses: Players can identify and work on their own strategic leaks.
  • Practice and Experimentation: It offers a risk-free environment to try new strategies and understand their effectiveness.

Pre-Flop Strategy Enhancement: How can tools like SnapShove assist players in mastering pre-flop strategies, and why is this particularly important when playing against GTO bots?

SnapShove helps players:

  • Master Pre-Flop Ranges: Understand optimal shoving and calling ranges in various situations.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Learn the mathematically correct pre-flop plays, which is crucial against GTO bots that play an optimal pre-flop game.
  • Improve Decision-Making Speed: Helps in making quick, accurate pre-flop decisions, which is vital in fast-paced games against bots.

Post-Flop Strategy Development: With tools focusing on post-flop play, like DTO Poker Trainer, what specific post-flop strategies should players focus on to counter GTO bots?

When developing post-flop strategies against GTO bots, players should focus on:

  • Hand Reading Skills: Improve the ability to narrow down the bot’s range based on its actions and the board texture.
  • Balanced Play: Maintain a balanced range of value bets and bluffs to prevent the bot from exploiting any tendencies.
  • Analyzing Bet Sizing: Understanding how the bot sizes its bets in different situations can give insights into its hand strength and range.

Tools like DTO Poker Trainer assist in simulating various post-flop scenarios, helping players practice and understand the nuances of post-flop play against GTO strategies.

Analyzing and Adjusting Play: How can analysis tools provided by these platforms help players identify and correct their strategic errors when playing against GTO bots?

Analysis tools in platforms like GTO Wizard or PokerSnowie offer the following advantages:

  • Hand History Review: They allow players to review past hands to identify mistakes or missed opportunities.
  • Strategic Insights: Provide insights into optimal play and how it differs from the player’s chosen strategy.
  • Customized Feedback: Offer personalized feedback based on the player’s specific actions, highlighting areas for improvement.

By leveraging these tools, players can incrementally adjust their strategy to be more effective against GTO bots.

Training with Advanced Software: What are the benefits of using advanced training software, such as PokerSnowie, for players looking to compete against GTO bots?

Advanced training software like PokerSnowie offers several benefits:

  • Learning Optimal Strategies: Helps players understand and learn GTO strategies.
  • Scenario Simulation: Allows players to simulate different poker situations and learn the best course of action.
  • Feedback and Analysis: Provides detailed feedback on players’ decisions, helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses.

This software is particularly useful for honing skills that are effective against GTO bots, which often follow similar optimal strategies.

The Role of PioSOLVER: How can players use tools like PioSOLVER to indirectly play against GTO bots and improve their own strategies?

PioSOLVER, a powerful poker analysis tool, can be used in the following ways:

  • Studying Optimal Strategies: Players can explore optimal GTO strategies calculated by PioSOLVER for various scenarios.
  • Comparing Strategies: By comparing their own strategies to those suggested by PioSOLVER, players can identify areas for improvement.
  • Adjusting to GTO Play: Understanding the GTO approach can help players better prepare for and adjust their play against GTO bots.

Balancing Strategy: When is it advantageous for players to temporarily employ unbalanced strategies against GTO bots, and what are the risks involved in this approach?

Employing unbalanced strategies can be advantageous:

  • When Exploiting Predictable Patterns: If a bot shows predictable behavior in certain situations, an unbalanced strategy (like bluffing or overbetting more on certain board textures) can be profitable.
  • Adapting to Specific Weaknesses: If a bot has a particular leak, adjusting strategy to exploit it can lead to short-term gains.

However, the risks include:

  • The Bot Adjusting: Advanced GTO bots may adapt to unbalanced play, diminishing the effectiveness of the strategy over time.
  • Deviation from Optimal Play: Unbalanced play can lead to bad habits and straying from fundamentally sound poker strategies.

Learning from Pluribus: Although Pluribus is not available for public play, how can studying its strategies benefit poker players?

Studying Pluribus’ strategies can be beneficial in understanding:

  • Multi-player Dynamics: As Pluribus excelled in multi-player settings, studying its play can offer insights into effective strategies in such scenarios.
  • Advanced Strategic Concepts: Understanding the complex strategies employed by Pluribus can enhance a player’s ability to think about poker at a higher level.

Long-Term Skill Development: Considering the challenge of playing against GTO bots, what long-term strategies should players adopt to consistently improve their game?

For long-term improvement, players should:

  • Continual Learning: Stay updated with evolving poker theories and strategies.
  • Regular Practice: Regularly play against both human opponents and GTO bots to apply and test learned strategies.
  • Self-Analysis: Consistently analyze one’s play, identify weaknesses, and work to rectify them.
  • Mental Toughness: Develop the mental resilience necessary to handle the swings and challenges of poker.


Playing against GTO bots requires a solid pre-flop strategy since bots are often programmed with near-perfect pre-flop play.

Understanding and mastering these ranges helps in not giving away easy edges in the early stages of the hand.

By integrating these strategies into their regular practice and study, players can continuously evolve and improve their game, staying competitive against both human opponents and advanced GTO bots.

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