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Gretzky vs. McDavid – Comparing Hockey Greats

Wayne Gretzky, often dubbed “The Great One,” left an indelible mark on hockey with unparalleled achievements, including four Stanley Cup wins and holding over 60 NHL records.

Connor McDavid, the current face of the NHL, combines exceptional speed and skill, redefining modern hockey standards.

Achievements and Records

Gretzky’s career, spanning from 1979 to 1999, boasts record-setting numbers: 894 goals, 1,963 assists, and 2,857 points in 1,487 regular-season games.

His 50 goals in 39 games and 215-point season remain unmatched.

McDavid, entering the NHL in 2015, already won three Hart Trophies by 2023 and consistently leads in points, signaling a trajectory that could rival Gretzky’s legacy.

Impact on the Game

Gretzky’s intelligence and vision revolutionized hockey, making him a catalyst for the game’s growth, especially in non-traditional markets.

McDavid’s electrifying speed and skill set are shaping the new era of hockey, influencing both style of play and the importance of speed and agility in the sport.

Playing Style and Contributions

Gretzky, known for his anticipation and playmaking, excelled in finding open spaces and creating opportunities for teammates.

McDavid, recognized for his extraordinary speed and puck handling, often single-handedly changes the course of games, embodying the evolution of player athleticism and skill in hockey.

Teammates’ Perspectives

Playing alongside Gretzky was considered an honor, with his ability to elevate teammates’ performances and lead his teams to victory.

McDavid’s linemates describe playing with him as a blend of privilege and challenge, given his fast-paced game and high expectations, illustrating the evolution of leadership and influence in hockey.

The Debate Continues

Comparing Gretzky and McDavid transcends statistics, involving shifts in gameplay, athleticism, and the hockey landscape.

While Gretzky’s era was marked by scoring dominance, McDavid’s time reflects the speed and technical prowess that define contemporary hockey.

Q&A – Gretzky vs. McDavid

How do Gretzky’s and McDavid’s playing styles differ?

Wayne Gretzky’s playing style was characterized by his exceptional hockey IQ, anticipation, and ability to read the game, making him a master playmaker. He was not the fastest skater, but his intelligence on the ice allowed him to create opportunities and find teammates in scoring positions. Gretzky excelled in finding open spaces and exploiting them to his advantage.

Connor McDavid, on the other hand, is known for his incredible speed and agility, combined with his puck-handling skills and offensive instincts. McDavid’s style is more dynamic and physically imposing; he can single-handedly change the outcome of a game with his speed and ability to maneuver through defenses.

What impact did Wayne Gretzky have on the NHL compared to Connor McDavid?

Wayne Gretzky had a transformative impact on the NHL, popularizing hockey in the United States, particularly in non-traditional markets like Los Angeles, where he played for the Kings. His records and consistent performance helped elevate the profile of the league globally, making him a household name and contributing to the sport’s growth.

Connor McDavid’s impact, while still unfolding, is seen in how he represents the modern NHL player: fast, skilled, and highly athletic. McDavid has brought a new level of excitement and skill to the game, influencing younger players and the style of play across the league, pushing the boundaries of speed and skill in hockey.

Can McDavid break any of Gretzky’s major records?

Connor McDavid has the potential to break some of Gretzky’s records, particularly those related to scoring in the modern era. However, breaking Gretzky’s most significant records, like total career points (2,857) or goals (894), remains a formidable challenge due to changes in the game, including defensive strategies and goaltending improvements.

McDavid may come close or surpass Gretzky in some annual awards and scoring titles but breaking his all-time records would require an exceptionally high level of play over a very long career.

How did Gretzky and McDavid influence their respective teams’ successes?

Gretzky led the Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cup victories in the 1980s, making them a dynasty. His leadership and playmaking were pivotal in these successes, and he often elevated the performance of his teammates. McDavid, while yet to achieve Stanley Cup success, has been instrumental in revitalizing the Edmonton Oilers, consistently leading them to the playoffs and challenging for individual and team accolades. His presence alone makes the team a contender and puts them in a position to succeed.

How do the eras in which Gretzky and McDavid played compare?

The eras are markedly different, with Gretzky playing in a high-scoring, less defensively focused period. The 1980s were known for less stringent defensive systems and goaltending techniques, which changed significantly by the time McDavid entered the league. Today, the NHL features more sophisticated defensive tactics, better goaltending, and a greater emphasis on speed and skill. These changes make direct statistical comparisons challenging, as the context of their achievements is quite different.

Who is the better playmaker, Gretzky or McDavid?

Comparing the playmaking abilities of Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid involves examining different eras of hockey, each with its own style of play, level of competition, and rule differences. Wayne Gretzky, often referred to as “The Great One,” is widely considered one of the greatest hockey players of all time, with an unmatched ability to read the game and make plays that others couldn’t even envision. Gretzky’s career is highlighted by his record-setting number of assists; he has amassed more assists in his career than any other player has points, totaling 1,963 assists over his NHL career. This statistic alone stands as a testament to his exceptional playmaking skills.

Connor McDavid, on the other hand, is one of the most talented players of the current generation, known for his incredible speed, agility, and hockey IQ. McDavid has shown a profound ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates, combining his speed with exceptional puck handling and vision to navigate through opposing defenses. His playmaking skills have made him one of the top assist leaders in the NHL since his debut.

While McDavid’s playmaking skills are exceptional and he continues to impress with his ability to create plays in a faster, more physically demanding era of the NHL, Gretzky’s playmaking ability is unparalleled. Gretzky’s vision on the ice, his anticipation of plays, and his ability to make those around him better are unmatched. Gretzky played in an era with a different style of hockey, but his creativity and intelligence on the ice were groundbreaking and have left a lasting impact on the game.

Therefore, while acknowledging McDavid’s incredible talent and contributions to the game, Wayne Gretzky is generally considered the better playmaker when comparing their abilities to set up teammates and create scoring opportunities.

Who is the better goal-scorer, Gretzky or McDavid?

When it comes to goal-scoring, Wayne Gretzky again sets the standard against which all other players are measured. Gretzky holds the NHL record for the most goals scored in a career, with an astounding total of 894 goals. He achieved this milestone in 1,487 games, showcasing not just a knack for finding the back of the net, but also a consistency in scoring over the span of his career. Gretzky’s goal-scoring ability was a combination of his hockey IQ, exceptional stickhandling, and his almost supernatural sense of where the puck would be and where the goalie wasn’t.

Connor McDavid, renowned for his incredible speed and skill, is also a prolific goal scorer. McDavid’s ability to score comes from his unparalleled skating speed, agility, and his precision shooting while at full speed. His style of scoring reflects the evolution of the game, emphasizing speed and skill in today’s NHL. McDavid has been among the league’s leading scorers since his entry into the NHL and continues to be a threat to score from virtually anywhere on the ice.

However, when comparing the pure goal-scoring ability of Gretzky and McDavid, it’s essential to consider the different eras in which they played. Gretzky’s era was more offensively oriented, with higher scoring games and less focus on defensive play and goaltending sophistication than the current era. This context does not diminish Gretzky’s achievements but highlights the different challenges faced by scorers in each era.

While McDavid’s goal-scoring prowess is remarkable and he may very well end his career among the all-time greats in this category, Wayne Gretzky’s record and his innate ability to score goals in a variety of ways place him at the pinnacle of NHL goal-scorers. Gretzky’s goal-scoring records, particularly the 894 career goals and the single-season record of 92 goals, remain towering achievements in the sport.

Who is the better skater, Gretzky or McDavid?

Skating is perhaps the area where Connor McDavid most clearly distinguishes himself from Wayne Gretzky and many other hockey legends. McDavid’s skating ability is often described as revolutionary, with an unmatched combination of speed, acceleration, and agility on the ice. His ability to maintain puck control at high speeds, execute sharp turns, and accelerate from a standstill to top speed in a few strides makes him one of the most dangerous players in the open ice. McDavid’s skating is not just fast; it’s effective, allowing him to create space for himself and his teammates in tight situations.

Wayne Gretzky, while an intelligent and effective skater in his own right, did not possess the same level of physical prowess on the ice as McDavid. Gretzky’s skating was more about anticipation and positioning rather than sheer speed or agility. He had the ability to be in the right place at the right time, leveraging his understanding of the game to outmaneuver opponents rather than outskate them. Gretzky’s strengths lay in his hockey IQ, vision, and stickhandling, rather than his physical attributes.

In the context of skating ability, Connor McDavid is the clear standout between the two. McDavid’s exceptional skating skills have redefined what is considered elite in the NHL and have set a new standard for speed and agility on the ice. While Gretzky changed the game with his mental and technical skills, McDavid is doing so with his physical prowess and skating ability.


Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid represent two generations of hockey excellence, each dominating their respective eras with distinct styles and impacts.

While Gretzky’s records are legendary, McDavid continues to forge his path, promising an ongoing debate over their places in hockey history.

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