Djokovic Racket and String (Complete Guide)

Novak Djokovic, an unrivaled name in the tennis world, has been smashing records and winning championships for over a decade.

His equipment, especially his racket and strings, plays a crucial role in his performance.

Understanding the specifics of Djokovic’s racket and string can provide insights into his game and the technology behind his success.

Racket Brand and Model

Djokovic plays with a racket from the reputable brand, Head.

The specific model he uses is the Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro.

This racket model is known for its control, precision, and power, which aligns perfectly with Djokovic’s gameplay style.

Racket Specifications

The Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro racket has a head size of 100 square inches.

It features a string pattern of 18×20, which provides exceptional control.

The racket weighs around 310 grams unstrung, striking a balance between power and maneuverability.

Djokovic’s choice of racket reflects his strategic playstyle and remarkable ability to control the ball.


While the base model of the Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro is a great racket, Djokovic customizes his for personalized balance and weight.

His racket is reportedly heavier and more head light than the retail version, allowing for greater stability and control.

Djokovic’s customization of his racket underlines the importance of equipment that aligns with a player’s unique game.

String Choice

For his strings, Djokovic uses a hybrid setup. He strings his rackets with Babolat VS Natural Gut on the mains and Luxilon ALU Power Rough on the crosses.

This combination gives Djokovic the perfect blend of power, control, and feel.

String Tension

String tension is a critical aspect of a tennis player’s setup, and Djokovic is no exception.

Djokovic tends to vary his string tension based on the conditions of play, but it generally ranges between 55 and 59 pounds.

The fine-tuning of string tension allows Djokovic to adjust his game to different court conditions and environments.


Understanding the specifications and customization of Novak Djokovic’s racket and strings provides a glimpse into his gameplay and the technology that supports it. Djokovic’s equipment choices and adjustments reflect his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to optimizing his performance.

His preference for the Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro racket and hybrid string setup highlights the importance of personalizing equipment to align with a player’s unique style and abilities.

It’s a testament to how equipment and technique can come together to create excellence in sport.

FAQs – Djokovic Racket and String

1. What type of racket does Novak Djokovic use?

Novak Djokovic currently uses the HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro tennis racket.

This racket is known for its control-oriented design, providing excellent maneuverability and stability for Djokovic’s playing style.

2. What are the specifications of Djokovic’s racket?

The specifications of Djokovic’s HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro racket include a head size of 100 square inches (645 square centimeters), a standard length of 27 inches (68.6 centimeters), and a weight of around 315 grams (11.1 ounces) when strung.

It has a string pattern of 18×20, which means there are 18 main strings and 20 cross strings.

3. What is the composition of Djokovic’s racket?

Djokovic’s HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro racket features a composition primarily made of graphene, a lightweight and strong material.

The inclusion of graphene in the racket’s construction enhances its stability and power transfer, allowing Djokovic to generate more control and precision in his shots.

4. Which strings does Djokovic use in his racket?

Djokovic currently uses a hybrid string setup in his racket, combining two different types of strings.

In the mains (vertical strings), he uses a polyester-based string, typically Babolat RPM Blast.

In the crosses (horizontal strings), he uses a softer multifilament string, often Babolat VS Touch.

5. What tension does Djokovic string his racket at?

Djokovic strings his racket at a relatively high tension, around 55-60 pounds (25-27 kilograms).

The specific tension can vary depending on various factors such as playing conditions, court surface, and personal preference.

6. Why does Djokovic prefer a hybrid string setup?

Djokovic opts for a hybrid string setup to benefit from the advantages of both polyester and multifilament strings.

Polyester strings provide excellent control and durability, allowing him to generate spin and control his shots effectively.

Multifilament strings, on the other hand, offer a softer feel and enhanced comfort, reducing the strain on Djokovic’s arm during long matches.

7. How often does Djokovic change his racket and strings?

As a professional player, Djokovic typically changes his racket and strings frequently to ensure optimal performance.

Generally, he may change rackets every few games or even after every set to maintain consistency.

Regarding the strings, they are usually replaced every 9-12 hours of play or whenever they lose their tension and responsiveness.

8. Can recreational players use the same racket and string setup as Djokovic?

Recreational players can certainly use the same racket model as Djokovic, the HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro.

However, it’s important to consider that the racket’s specifications, such as weight, balance, and string setup, should be chosen based on individual playing style and skill level.

It is recommended to consult with a tennis professional or try different options to find the most suitable racket and string setup for your game.

9. What are the benefits of Djokovic’s racket and string setup?

Djokovic’s racket and string setup offer several benefits.

The HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro provides excellent control, stability, and maneuverability, allowing players to dictate points with precision.

The hybrid string setup combines control and comfort, offering good power and spin potential while reducing the risk of arm discomfort or injuries.

These characteristics can enhance a player’s performance, especially if they have a similar playing style to Djokovic.

10. Can using Djokovic’s racket and string setup instantly make me a better player?

While the right equipment can contribute to improving your game, it’s important to note that skill, practice, and technique play significant roles in becoming a better tennis player. Djokovic’s racket and string setup may provide advantages, but they won’t guarantee instant improvement.

Focus on developing your skills, working with a coach, and practicing regularly to progress as a player.

Equipment can complement your abilities, but it’s not the sole determining factor in your performance.

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