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7+ Best Poker Solvers (List)

Poker solvers have become indispensable tools for serious players looking to hone their skills and gain an edge at the tables.

These powerful programs analyze game situations and calculate Nash equilibrium strategies, essentially the most mathematically optimal way to play against an unknown opponent.

But with several options available, choosing the right solver can be tricky.

Here’s a rundown of the top contenders:


  • The industry standard: Renowned for its accuracy, depth of analysis, and customization options.
  • Powerful pre-flop solver: The Edge version tackles pre-flop scenarios, a unique advantage over most competitors.
  • Large community and resources: Abundant tutorials, guides, and discussions available online.
  • Steeper learning curve and higher price tag: May be overwhelming for beginners and comes with a $249+ one-time fee.

2. GTO+

  • User-friendly interface: Modern and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and analyze solutions.
  • Subscription-based pricing: Affordable compared to PioSOLVER’s one-time purchase model.
  • Fast calculations: Solves situations quicker than PioSOLVER, ideal for frequent analysis.
  • Rich built-in features: Offers functionalities like playing against the solution and analyzing databases.
  • Less powerful and customizable: May not be as accurate or in-depth as PioSOLVER in complex situations.

3. MonkerSolver

  • Multi-way mastery: Excels in analyzing situations with more than two players, unlike most solvers focused on heads-up play.
  • Highly accurate and customizable: Delivers precise solutions and offers various settings for fine-tuning calculations.
  • Command-line interface: Requires technical expertise and may not be user-friendly for beginners.
  • Limited resources and community: Less readily available tutorials and discussions compared to PioSOLVER or GTO+.

4. Simple Postflop

  • Beginner-friendly: Streamlined interface and basic functionalities make it approachable for new players.
  • Focus on post-flop: Ideal for practicing and understanding post-flop play concepts. (Though it does pre-flop too.)
  • Limited capabilities: Not as powerful or versatile as advanced solvers like PioSOLVER or GTO+.
  • Affordable price: A good budget-friendly option for starting out with solver analysis.

5. GTO Wizard

  • Training-focused: Offers GTO-based drills and quizzes to practice applying solver-derived strategies in real-time game situations.
  • Adjustable difficulty: Customize the training modules to match your skill level and challenge yourself as you progress.
  • Detailed hand analysis and feedback: Analyze your play against GTO bots and receive feedback to identify leaks and improve your decision-making.
  • Focus on specific areas: Target specific pre-flop and post-flop concepts for deeper understanding and mastery.

6. Snowie

  • Mobile app convenience: Analyze hands and practice GTO strategies on your phone or tablet, making learning accessible and flexible.
  • Focus on post-flop play: Provides GTO advice for various board textures and stack sizes, helping you refine your post-flop decision-making.
  • Wide range of game formats: Covers more than just no-limit hold’em, including Omaha and mixed games.
  • Simpler interface and approach: May be easier to grasp for beginners compared to the advanced features of other solvers.

7. Icybee Solver (FREE)

We haven’t tried the Icybee solver, but it’s free and some enjoy the interface and the solves it produces.

Github page:

Choosing the right solver

With even more options available, the key to choosing the right one remains understanding your needs and preferences:

  • Skill level: Beginners might benefit from the training-focused approach of GTO Wizard or the mobile convenience of Snowie. Experienced players seeking in-depth analysis might be drawn to PioSOLVER or MonkerSolver.
  • Focus: If you mainly play heads-up, GTO+ or Simple Postflop might suffice. Multi-way specialists might prefer MonkerSolver.
  • Learning style: Visual learners might appreciate GTO Wizard’s interactive drills, while others might prefer the detailed reports and customization options of PioSOLVER.
  • Budget: Subscription-based options like GTO Wizard and Snowie offer flexibility compared to one-time purchases like PioSOLVER.


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