Tennis is a game of precision, power, and speed. Among the various terms and shots in the game, the ‘ace’ holds a special place.

This article aims to dissect the concept of an ‘ace’ in tennis, its historical significance, and its influence on the game.

The Ace in Tennis: What is It?

An ‘ace’ in tennis is a serve that is both in and is not touched by the opponent’s racket.

The most important aspect of an ‘ace’ is that it is a valid serve—landing within the service box on the opponent’s side of the court— and it is so well-placed, powerful, or fast that the receiver does not manage to return it.

Definition of Ace in Tennis

In more formal terms, the definition of an ‘ace’ in tennis refers to a point scored by a serve that the opponent fails to touch with their racket.

It’s important to note that an ace is only counted if the ball lands in the correct service box.

If the serve goes out or into the net, it does not qualify as an ace, even if the opponent does not touch it.

What Does an Ace Mean in Tennis?

The ace in tennis signifies a strong and accurate serve that the receiver cannot return.

It stands as a testament to the server’s skill and precision, often demonstrating their power and control over the game.

For the server, an ace can be a morale booster and a psychological advantage over the opponent.

Why is it Called an Ace in Tennis?

The term ‘ace’ originated from a French dice game where it meant a single point.

This term was adopted into tennis to denote a point scored solely by the server without any involvement from the receiver.

Ace in Tennis: How to Score One

Scoring an ace requires a combination of speed, placement, and deception.

The serve must be fast enough to catch the opponent off guard, placed well enough to evade the opponent’s reach, and deceptive enough to trick the opponent into anticipating a different direction.

It takes much practice and skill to consistently serve aces.

Andy Roddick fires 7 aces in a row

Notable Records and Statistics

Tennis has seen its fair share of ace-makers throughout its history.

As of 2024, the player holding the record for the most aces in a match is John Isner, who served 113 aces during the 2010 Wimbledon match.

Meanwhile, the record for the most aces in a 3-set match belongs to Ivo Karlovic, who served 45 aces in a match in 2015.

Roger Federer “Casually” Handling The Biggest Server in Tennis History! (AGAIN)

Who Has The Most Aces in Tennis?

When it comes to the total number of aces served in tennis history, the record holders vary for men and women.

Among men, Ivo Karlovic leads the tally, while for women, the record holder is Kristyna Pliskova.

Most Aces in a Single Match

The record for the most aces served in a single match goes to John Isner and Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010.

In this marathon match, Isner served a whopping 113 aces.

The Influence of Ace in Tennis Game

The ace can greatly influence the outcome of a tennis game.

It not only provides a guaranteed point for the server but also can mentally disrupt the rhythm and confidence of the opponent.

The Ace in Tennis Equipment and Apparel

The term ‘ace’ is not just limited to a type of serve in tennis.

You can find ‘aces’ tennis shoes designed specifically for the court, ace tennis dresses and skirts or skorts for women players providing both style and comfort, and ace bandages useful for support and relief from tennis elbow.

Even ace tennis balls and ace hardware tennis balls have gained popularity among players.

Ace in Other Forms of Tennis

The term ‘ace’ isn’t exclusive to tennis.

In table tennis, for example, an ‘ace’ similarly refers to a serve that the opponent fails to return.

The fundamental concept remains the same, even though the execution and impact may vary due to the different nature of the games.


The ‘ace’ in tennis is a critical part of the sport, reflecting the prowess and skill of a player.

It has shaped many memorable moments in tennis history and continues to be a significant aspect of the game.

Understanding what constitutes an ‘ace,’ how to get one, and the records associated with it helps to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the sport that is tennis.

FAQs – Ace in Tennis

1. What is an ace in tennis?

An ace in tennis is a legal serve that is neither touched nor returned by the opposing player, thus earning the server a point.

2. What does ace mean in tennis?

An ace in tennis refers to a serve that successfully lands in the service box and is not touched by the receiver.

As such, the server automatically wins the point.

3. Why is it called an ace in tennis?

The term “ace” in tennis is believed to originate from the old French word ‘as’ which meant ‘unit’, and it was used to represent the idea of scoring a single, solitary point – in this case, a point won outright by the server.

4. What is the definition of ace in tennis?

In tennis, an ace is a serve that is not returned by the opposing player and thus immediately results in a point for the server.

The ball must land in the service box without being touched by the opponent for it to be considered an ace.

5. What constitutes an ace in tennis?

An ace in tennis occurs when the server hits a legal serve that lands in the service box and the opposing player fails to touch or return it.

If the opposing player touches the ball but fails to return it, it’s not considered an ace but a service winner.

6. How to get an ace in tennis?

Achieving an ace in tennis requires a powerful and accurate serve that lands within the service box and is unreachable or unreturnable by the opponent.

This usually requires practice, technique, precision, and sometimes an element of surprise.

7. What’s the average number of aces in a tennis match?

The average number of aces in a tennis match can vary widely depending on the players’ serving strength and accuracy, the surface of the court, and the duration of the match.

Professional male players generally hit more aces than female players due to their stronger serve.

In a professional men’s tennis match, you might see an average of 10-20 aces per player, while in a women’s match the average might be 5-10.

8. Who holds the record for the most aces in a tennis match?

The record for the most aces served in a professional tennis match is held by John Isner, who hit 113 aces during the 2010 Wimbledon Championships.

9. Who has the most aces in tennis history?

The record for the most aces in professional tennis history is held by Ivo Karlovic, who has hit over 13,500 aces in his career.

10. Can there be an ace in table tennis?

Yes, in table tennis, an ace can occur when a player serves the ball and the opponent fails to make a valid return.

11. What’s the fastest ace in tennis?

The fastest recorded ace in professional tennis was served by Sam Groth at 263.4 km/h (163.7 mph) in 2012 during the Busan Open Challenger Tennis event.

12. What are aces tennis shoes?

Aces tennis shoes are types of footwear designed specifically for the sport of tennis.

They typically have a non-marking rubber sole for grip on the court and lateral support for the side-to-side movements common in the sport.

13. What are ace tennis dress, skirt, and skort?

An ace tennis dress, skirt, or skort is a piece of athletic clothing designed for playing tennis.

They are made from breathable and lightweight materials for ease of movement.

A skort is a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front and back, combining the comfort of shorts with the appearance of a skirt.

14. What is Ace Tennis Previews?

Ace Tennis Previews refers to a platform that offers previews, analyses, and betting advice for professional tennis matches.

15. What is Ace Tennis Magazine?

Ace Tennis Magazine is a publication dedicated to tennis.

It typically covers professional tennis news, player profiles, training tips, gear reviews, and more.

16. What is Ace Sports Tennis & Pickleball?

As of 2021, Ace Sports Tennis & Pickleball could refer to a sporting goods store that specializes in equipment for tennis and pickleball, or it might refer to a sports facility offering tennis and pickleball courts for play and lessons.

17. What is Ace Tennis Club Burlington?

Ace Tennis Club Burlington refers to a tennis club based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

The club typically offers tennis programs, coaching, and facilities for players of various levels.

18. What are ace tennis balls?

Ace tennis balls refer to a brand or type of tennis balls.

Quality tennis balls are essential for the game, and different brands may offer variations in bounce, speed, and durability.

19. What is ace tennis coaching?

Ace tennis coaching refers to professional tennis training provided by certified coaches.

Such coaching may cover various aspects of the game, including serving, returns, footwork, strategy, and physical conditioning.

20. What is an ace bandage for tennis elbow?

An ace bandage for tennis elbow is a type of elastic bandage that can be used to provide support and alleviate pain in the elbow.

It’s commonly used by tennis players suffering from tennis elbow, which is a condition caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm near the elbow joint.

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